Wicked Ag

For Preciaion Agricultural Operations

We sell, train on and operate DJI and XAG Ag Drones for spraying, spreading and beneficial bug dropping across Australia.

Precision Ag Operations

Our precision agriculture operations aim to optimize resource use, increase crop yields, reduce environmental impact, and improve overall farm sustainability.

Ag Swarming, N/E/BVLOS

We are the only commercial operator in Australia authorised for remotely piloted operations on Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Powered Lift and Multi Rotor up to 150kg.

Ag Training

We offer RePL, ReOCĀ  and sub 150kg upgrades for landowners and contractors.

XAG Drones

We sell, support and maintain XAG P100Pro and P150Pro Drones.

DJI Agras Drones

We sell, support and maintain DJI Agras T40, T50 and T60 Drones.

Wicked Copters Drones

We sell, support and maintain Wicked Copters custom built drones