Virtual Edge 4D Pty Ltd is the only CASA-approved provider for sub 25kg Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Multi Rotors and Powered Lift in Australia. We also offer Scuba Metal Detecting and ROV training.

Aerial Training

We provide CASA-approved training for Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Multi Rotors and Powered Lift up to 25kg. Need heavier? No problem, we can assist you! We also offer ReOC, AROC/ELP and IREX training for EVLOS/BVLOS requirements.

ROV Training

We provide training on the ROV as well as associated systems and advanced hardware like AC Power and Sonar. Whatever your use, we can help you!

Scuba Metal Detectoring

In addition to ROV Training, let our experienced divers take you underwater with a metal detector to learn and operate the device properly. We are the only company to offer this hands-on training in Australia. Need your Dive Qualification or even the official Search and Recovery Speciality? Be in touch and find out how...